Make Infographic Representations of Data as a Means of Conveying Complexities

Written by Make Infographics on June 16, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Infographics, otherwise known as information graphics, are visual representations of data or knowledge that presents complicated information in a manner that is easy and fast for viewers to consumer. To create infographics, you use the process of data visualization. You can make infographic presentations with a free infographic creator. As well, you can can create infographics free online.

There are essentially five categories of infographic visualization. They are time series data, maps, networking, statistical distributions, and hierarchies. To make infographic versions of these, you can use a free online infographic creator. To make infographic material takes very little time and effort, and doing so can aid in the effectiveness of a presentation or report.

Time series data is a very common infographic that follows sets of values over a period time. Index charts, stacked graphs, small multiples, and horizon graphs are all examples of time series data to make infogaphic representations. Index charts are a good choice to make infographic items if the raw values are not as important as the relative trend in change over time. One good example of an appropriate use of time to make infographic time series data would be if you are an investor in the stock market. If this were the case, you would care less about price specifics than you would about the rate of growth over time.

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