Infographics the New Pie Chart

Written by Make Infographics on May 18, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Infographics seem to be everywhere these days. The name comes from putting the words information and graphics together, and that is just what happens when you make infographics. They are visual presentations of information. Pictures, charts and graphs are used to provide information in a way that is simple, fast and easy to read and understand and is also visually pleasant.

The process of creating infographics is sometimes called data visualization. Basically, people create infographics to convey a lot of detailed information in a simple, compact and visual way. They can be particularly useful if the information that needs to be shared is lengthy, or contains a lot of numbers or statistics. Sometimes there are terms that every one may not be familiar with, and visual representations can make them easier to understand.

Individuals and businesses who would like to use infographics can call in experts to help design and create them. There are also do it yourself options. Many different websites are available if you want to create infographics yourself.

People create infographics for a number of different reasons. Businesses often used them to track sales and marketing data. Doctors offices and hospitals display them to provide medical information in a way that patients can easily read and understand. They often use posters and brochures with infographics that are colorful and sometimes even fun and cartoonish. Serious and critical data presented in a fun way can make it less scary as well as easier to comprehend.

Business owners and managers use infographics to inform both employees and customers. Teachers create infographics to help give their students interesting ways to understand lessons, or to show data to support a lecture. There are an unlimited number of people who create infographics for an unlimited number of reasons.

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