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Written by Make Infographics on September 6, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Infographics are a great way to share data without boring your readers, break up large blocks of text on a blog, and spice up your page with style and attitude. Here are a few of the kinds of infographics creators available, and the advantages of each.

  • Web-Based. Many of the free infographics creators you can find online are, in fact, completely online. You choose your template, upload your data and statistics, and the web software puts it all together in a beautiful, eye-catching infographic, ready to be embedded on your page. Two notable examples are Infogram (which also allows you to edit your data after creation, rather than uploading an entire new set of figures for each change) and Easelly (a free web-based program that integrates seamlessly with WordPress).
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  • Desktop Software. If you’re put off by the idea of an infographics creator in the cloud, you can also take advantage of downloadable desktop software, which will give you the ability to create infographics even when not connected to the Internet. The methods and flexibility are essentially the same as with web-based programs, but you have a little more autonomy. Popular examples of this type of inforgraphics creator are Tableau Public (a free download) and Creately (which offers both free and paid services).
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  • On Your Own. If you’ve made enough infographics using software and templates to feel like you’re ready to fly solo, you can make infographics creators obsolete with nothing more than tools you probably already own. All you really need is spreadsheet program and a document program. Microsoft Excel (or Numbers, for you Mac users out there) can handle the facts and figures, and you can import them into either Word (Pages on Mac) or, better yet, individual slides on Powerpoint (or Keynote). Just remember, the graphic design is all up to you.

Do you have a favorite piece of web-based or desktop software you use to create beautiful infographics? Share your find in the comments below.

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