Four Great Reasons to Use Infographics

Written by Make Infographics on October 1, 2013. Posted in Homepage

The digital marketplace is a great addition to, if not a replacement for, crowded shopping malls and brick and mortar retailers. In fact, according to estimates by Forrester Research, American consumers will spend more than $320 billion online by 2016. In order to take advantage of that trend, businesses will have to work to establish strong web presences that are highly visible in order to attract new customers. While there are several different ways to do that, using an online infographic creator and emphasizing data visualization is a good idea. There are several advantages to choosing to make infographics and add them to websites and social media pages.

Short Attention Spans

Web users will move quickly from one page to another, and they generally choose to scan, rather than read, the sites that they visit. Because of that, it can be difficult to get their attention, and it usually only takes two to four seconds for people to decide if they want to stay on a page after arriving. Text heavy pages will often get overlooked, but big bold images could draw the eye of even the fastest internet users, making infographic creators a helpful tool.

Showcase Information

With social media and other outlets that allow more people than ever to develop and create content, the amount of information being created is doubling every two years. For comparison, that is the equivalent of 200 billion HD movies that are all two hours long. Because of that, businesses who want to share interesting facts or promotions should use infographics to make their information stand out.

Retention Rates

People tend to only remember about a fifth of what they read, so sites that are loaded with facts but are too text-heavy will probably not be remembered. Infographics are a great alternative because they make information stand out and be easily remembered. This can go a long way towards building a more recognizable brand.

Increase Engagement

Because they are more interesting, infographics work well for companies who want to get better engaged with both current and potential consumers. Plus, images are far more likely to get shared and liked on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. This can help consumers and businesses enter a dialogue of sorts, and boos engagement.

Many businesses in the marketplace of struggle to set themselves apart from the competition, and many simply fail to do so. However, tools like infographic creators can help them create unique images that help them stand out and attract new customers.

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